19 Top Tips For Using Coffee Grounds In The Garden

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Coffee in the Compost

Putting coffee in your compost is one of the easiest ways to use it

Use Coffee Grounds as Garden Plant Fertilizer

Fertilize your plants inside and outside with coffee grounds.

Coffee as a Peat Moss Substitute

Coffee grounds are more environmentally friendly than peat moss but do the same thing.

Soil Mix for Container Gardening

Coffee will help your container garden thrive.

Mushroom Growing Substrate

Coffee grounds are a great medium for growing mushrooms!

Influence Hydrangea Color

Which color will you have?

Fighting Bacterial and Fungal Disease

Coffee grounds can help fight to keep your food safe to eat.

Use Coffee to Space Small Seeds like Carrots

This might be one of the most unusual ways to use coffee grounds in the garden

Coffee Grounds to Keep Cut Flowers Fresh

Your flowers will appreciate the coffee and reward you.