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19 Smart Ways To Use Straw In The Garden

What is Hay?

Straw is not hay. Hay is one or more types of grass that are cut and dried for use as animal feed. It contains seeds and seed heads.

Build Garden Party Benches with Straw Bales

A great place to sit back and watch the garden.

Build Straw Bale Compost Bins

Straw bale compost bins are the most environmentally friendly bins you can have.

Straw as a Compost Component

The last way you can reuse straw in your garden is adding it to your compost.

Straw for Soil Amendment

Straw is great for helping amend your soil.

Using Straw for Mulch

Mulch might be the best known way of using straw in the garden.

Use Straw to Improve Seed Germination

The straw will help keep your soil damp and stop birds from stealing your seeds.

Straw Garden Paths and Walkways

Keep your garden path weed free with straw.

Straw Bale Gardening

Growing in straw is a great way to be decorative and have fun with your garden.