15 Unique Furry Plants You'll Love

Large Radish

Panda plant

Panda plants are the perfect fit for new growers looking to add texture and interest to their houseplant collection.

Velvet plant

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Velvet plants offer not only interesting texture, but interesting color, too.

African violet

African violets are easy to care for, popular, and available. Find them in a range of colors

Iron cross begonia

Iron cross begonias have a lot of texture and interest

Piggyback plant

One thing to know about the piggyback plant is that it needs a quite humid environment

Lamb’s ear

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Lamb's ear is commonly grown outdoors, but is a good indoor houseplant, too.

Pussy ears

Fun fact: brighter light will make this plant turn more purple.

Chenille plant

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Chenille plant is another plant that is a popular outdoor plant, but can be grown as a houseplant, too.

Old man cactus

It's not hard to tell where the Old Man Cactus gets its name.

Bear paw jade

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The Bear Paw Jade is a fun shape as well as a fun texture.