15 Best Chicken Breeds for a Backyard Flock

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Brahmas will quickly become a favorite. They are an excellent dual-purpose breed.

Barred Rocks

Barred Rocks are a classically reliable chicken and a good source for both meat or eggs.

Black Australorps

Black Australorps are another favorite multi-purpose chicken.


Leghorns are a famously productive egg-laying breed.


Friendly Orpingtons are a fun chicken breed to keep.

Rhode Island Red

Rhode Island Red chickens are popular and well-known.


Araucanas have some fun and interesting features, and are good layers of BLUE eggs!

Easter Egger

If you love colored eggs, you'll love keeping Easter Eggers.

Jersey Giant

The broody Jersey giant is a good chicken to keep if you want an extra large chicken that will set and hatch its own young.