Ways to Make Your Garden Hedgehog Friendly

Create “hedgehog highways”

Hedgehogs can't help you if they can't access the insects in your garden

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Make sure your pond is hedgehog-safe

Make sure hedgehogs can safely enter and exit any water in your yard.

Cover up any holes

Make your yard drains hedgehog-proof.

Provide a water feature

Hedgehogs welcome: Just add water!

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Give hedgehogs a treat

A high-protein treat will make your garden the place all the hedgehogs want to be.

Add a feeding station

A covered space is a predator-protected space.

Let plants get a bit wild

You may like law and order in the garden, but hedgehogs prefer your space to be at least a little unkempt.

Add shelter

A shelter a hedgehog can call home might just convince him to stay.

Take care while mowing

The hedgehog's natural defense is to curl up in a ball, so take care when running mowers and other garden equipment