12 Brilliant Tips for Planting Fruit Trees

Pick the Right Tree for the Location

Think about a tree’s mature size when planning where to plant it.

Plant at the Correct Depth

Not too deep, not too shallow. Plant it just right.

Keep the Roots Wet

Don’t let the roots dry out.

Don’t Forget to Water Often

Newly planted fruit trees need regular watering. Unless your weather has been rainy, your new fruit tree needs to be watered often as it starts its life in your yard.

Stake It

Make sure your tree won’t be damaged by your staking material.

Prune If Needed

Trees that are dug up and shipped bare-root have lost much of their root mass and need to be pruned to have the top match the bottom

Mulch Your New Fruit Tree

Mulching around a newly planted tree is essential, one of the easiest things to do, and one of the most commonly screwed up.

Plant a Friend for Your Tree: Pollination Needs

Some fruit trees need another fruit tree flowering at the same time to provide cross pollination.