12 Tips for Creating a Winter Bird Habitat"

Large Radish

Create diversity

A variety of plants will bring in a variety of birds.

Add native plants

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Native plants will survive better and are already adapted to suit your local bird population.

Use feeders properly

Carefully placed bird feeders will give you the opportunity to see the birds that are coming to your yard.

Choose plants with long lasting seeds and berries

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Try out different foods

If in doubt, choose a quality blended bird seed which will appeal to a variety of birds

Install a heated birdbath

Open water is important for over-wintering birds.

Plant evergreens

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Evergeens can be a good food source for winter birds, but they are also important shelters and windbreaks.

Don’t make beds “too tidy”

Your "messy" garden can be a true haven for winter birds in need of seed and food sources.

Hang roosting boxes

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Bird houses aren't just for nesting season--they provide important safe shelter from winter's elements, too!