11 Tips to Prevent and Treat Damping Off in Your Seedlings

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1. Always use fresh potting mix

Clean, healthy soil is important in the fight against damping off disease.

2. Sterilize gardening equipment prior to use

Disinfecting reused pots will help ensure you don't pass the disease from one year to another.

3. Pay attention to your watering schedule

Overwatering is a leading cause of damping off disease.

4. Thin out seedlings

Give your plants good airspace and circulation.

5. Keep an eye on soil temperatures

The right soil temperature will aid in germination

6. Don’t overfertilize

Feeding seedlings too much fertilizer when they’re just starting out can also inhibit growth, weaken seedlings and cause other issues that may lead to damping off.

7. Provide your plants with adequate lighting

Good grow lights will encourage strong seedling growth and help them fight off damping off disease.