Floral Pattern
Floral Pattern

11 Perfect Pink Perennials to Enchant Your Garden


Bergenia is grown as much for its foliage as for its blossoms, though the blooms are quite unique and certainly pretty in pink.



Lupines, of which there are many pink varieties, are an absolute favorite of pollinators.


Hummingbird Mint

Not only is pink Hummingbird Mint a beauty, but it is a fragrant treat as well.


For a shade-loving pink plant, look to the classic Astilbe.

Hardy Hibiscus

The hardy version of pink hibiscus lets you have the drama and flair of the tropics even as far down as zone 4.

Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon is a similar, more tree-like version of the hardy hibiscus


Snapdragons come in an array of colors, including pinks, and the show is one that lasts for months


If you want dramatic, easy-care, long blooming nature in your pink plant, look to Speedwell.