11 Low-Growing Perennials For Borders & Walkways.

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If you have a spot where other plants struggle to develop due to poor soil or excess shade, try growing Bearberry.


This native perennial is low-growing, low-maintenance, and produces handsome, rich green paddle-shaped leaves.

Rose Vervain

Also commonly know as verbena, Rose Vervain is a low-growing sprawling perennial with delightful blue-purple flowers.


There are so many species and cultivars of Stonecrop that it is difficult to know where to start.

Perennial Pinks

If you've seen Pinks in a spring garden, you'll understand our obsession with this delicate, colorful flower.

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Foamflower foliage is heart, oak leaf, or star-shaped, and green with deep burgundy or black markings.

Dusty Miller

Another plant grown for its distinct foliage, Dusty Miller leaves are highly divided, silvery, ad slightly fuzzy

Woolly Yarrow

Most Yarrows get quite tall, but not Woolly Yarrow.