10 Things Smart Gardeners Do In November

Large Radish

Buy clearance seeds

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Most seeds last far longer than one year, so buying seeds on clearance at the end of the year is a great way to save money on your next garden.

Look around for seeds to save

Even if you didn't plan on saving seeds, you might find that there are some easy seeds to save still standing in your November garden.

Dig leftover remaining hardy herbs for indoor growing

Get on seed catalog mailing lists

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Seed catalogs are free and are a surprising resource for seed selection and also for trends, topics, and growing information

Plant late bulbs

If your ground isn't frozen it's not too late to plant garlic and hardy spring-flowering bulbs.

Check garlic for winter storage

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November is a good month to check over stored garlic and look for signs of early softening or decay.

Do a final garden harvest and cleanup

Time spent cleaning up your garden in the fall will reward you with fewer bugs, less disease, and an easier start in the spring.

Start sketching next year’s garden layout

Start a sketch with ideas of where you want to place different plants next year based on what worked or did not work this year

Propagate some houseplants or herbs

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Plants propagated from cuttings make fantastic holiday gifts!